Darlington’s Family Dedicates Their First Fruit to God

Darlington’s Family Dedicates Their First Fruit to God

Mr. & Mrs. Darlington, a blissful home birthed in a nuptial knot on the isle of love in 2017 dedicates their son Jesse to God Almighty on the 8th April, 2019.

The couple after two years of their marital vow and nuptial dance joyously dedicates their first fruit to God Almighty at Living Faith Church a.k.a Winners’ Chapel Lokogoma, Apo, Abuja.

The couple who entreated their well wishers to assorted delicacies at the reception held immediately after the church service thank God and appreciate humanity for their show of love and care.

The mother in an interaction with panafricreporters expressed happiness and said master Jesse Ejimetochukwu Darlington came at the right time.

“There would not have be a better time for baby Jesse to come but now; adding that she has used the past two years of their marriage to prepare for motherhood.”

On ground to celebrate with the couple are ushering unit and other members of the church, family, neighbours and other well wishers.

The father, Mr. Darlington in a celebration mood said, there cannot be a better moment than now while he thanks everybody for celebrating with his family on the auspicious dedication of their son,


Master Jesse Ejimetochukwu Darlington and pray that God grant the heart desires of all who me came to celebrate with them and also asked that God grant their safety to their various homes.

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