I Will Reposition Apa / Agatu Fed. Constituency for All Round Development – Hon. Goddey Samuel

Hon. Goddey Samuel The Reps. elect for Apa / Agatu yesterday at Transcorp Hilton in a reaction after induction and orientation lecture for the day reiterated

“I vowed to reposition
Apa / Agatu fed. constituency
for all round development”

Hon. Goddey Samuel, the acclaimed winner of the PDP primary for the Apa/Agatu fed.constituency yet denied the ticket left PDP for labour part and emerged victorious in the general election.

Like an idea which time has come, no regiment of army can stop; the gang up against Hon. Goddey Samuel could not stop his victory in the poll. Earlier, in a political scheming thought could undo the Hon. reps. elect, Hon. Melvin Ejeh, the candidate of Social Democratic Party (SDP) for the election jettisoned the mandate of the people by withdrawing from the race for People’s Democratic party (PDP) candidate , Hon. Ademu, a two term reps.member seeking for third term.

What is the magic? a reporter asked.
“ God and the people, I am
for the people just as the people
are for me and above all,
we are for God and God is for us”
hence I promise to offer myself in service to God and the people in the most accountable and transparent manner to usher in effectiveness and efficiency in functional and constituency representation.


On the polarization ushered in by the elections and how to unify all interests, he revealed to our reporters that electoral season leaves us more polarized and divided as a people. But wisdom demands that once election is over, we must find a way to discontinue to view ourselves from the narrow prisms of political party differences. We must as a matter of general interest close ranks and forge ahead as a people; it is on this note, therefore that I call on all my co-contestants in the last election in our constituency to join hands with me to serve our people better.

“My victory is victory for
Apa/Agatu and victory for all
hence, I will be magnanimous
in victory and would not
hesitates to accommodate
diverse ideas, opinions
guides and the likes in a
bid to give the possible best
to the good people of
our constituency”

Let me place on record here that I bear no grudges against anyone and humbly appeal for forgiveness from anyone I may have wronged on account of my last quest for the reps. seat; he said.

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  1. Your victory is clearly act of God. With you the hope of Apa and Agatu people will be restored

  2. My Hon, ur victory was designed n executed by Almighty God, ur victory is also like a smoke that not b caged, may God keep. 8yrs guaranteed.

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