WE ARE WOMEN: Int’l Women’s Day

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By Agada Esther Ochanya

We’re women
The climax of God’s creation
Products of Divine Ordination
Peculiar treasures
Carved for Divine pleasures

We’re women
Not just a gender
Aligned to a flawless pathfinder
Duggedly running with the vision
To fulfill our mission

We’re women
To them, we’re weaker vessels
Yet, we kneel formidably to wrestle
Though our kneels peel
No! Not giving up; we still kneel

We’re women
Raw materials
More than ephemerals
Indispensable to humanity
No! None can contend this certainty

We’re women
Catalysts for birthing Nations
Threshing and Prunning generations
With our hands on the spindle
Resolute, never to dwindle

We’re women
Epitome of beauty
Not that which is haughty
Paragons of excellence
Basking in Divine confidence

We’re women
So invaluable
Our effect, global and palpable
We’ll pray
Till we turn grey

We’re women
Enhancers we are
Cos we carry the fire
To fan up dreams
Till they become beautiful streams

Yes! We’re women
Before us, were the men
We wish they know all these
So together, we can achieve great things.

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