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The C-19 scourge is deathly and infectious: period. It’s so deathly and so infectious, it has the entire world on lockdown.
It’s a dark situation across the world: those who can shine the light, should shine the light.
Now more than ever, those in positions of leadership and influence must truly be empathetic, strategic, radical and passionate in their efforts to manage our collective commitment towards wiping out the C-19 scourge from wherever it may be domiciled.
Nigeria is peopled by 1.4 Billion individuals: sorry, those figures are for China. Nigeria’s current population is 200 million, more or less. Regrettably, we can’t make a near accurate approximation of our population. But we can be certain, that Nigeria’s population is way below China’s 1.4 Billion.
I’m making China references, to further reference the Chinese as so far being the only nation to claim to have fought the C-19 scourge to a standstill.
Paragraph 44 of the most recent nationwide broadcast by H.E. President Muhammadu Buhari, though sincere, postures Mr. President, as abdicating his responsibilities and further prolonging the C-19 scourge. The broadcast also clearly revealed what many already suspected – and many others feared, which is, that there’s no endgame scenario for the C-19 scourge in Nigeria.
The C-19 Presidential Task Force (C-19 PTF), the Ministry of Health, Nigeria Center For Disease Control (NCDC) and quite frankly, all of the Heads of Government in every State in Nigeria; must become truly radical in words, actions, tactics and strategy if Nigeria must defeat the C-19 scourge beyond the current lockdown scenario.
To vote, worship and conduct any commercial transaction, you first have to be alive. It then goes without saying, that the task of keeping Nigeria and Nigerians alive, supersedes every religious, political, commercial or mundane engagement at this time.
This is that one time where we must first become humans, eschewing all ethnic, political, religious and quixotic sentimentality.
As a country already battling too many inconsistencies, it will be utterly needless and detrimental to our common good if the management of the current C-19 scourge assumes political colourations.
Already, word on the street is “if to say na when Jona be president and fashola be governor of Lagos State, Naija for don defeat this corona mata like we bin defeat Ebola.”
Let’s forbid a situation were Nigeria would be counted among countries that took forever to end the C-19 scourge from within her shores. The implications for Nigeria and Nigerians will be extremely dire: prolonged and unnecessary travel restrictions on Nigerians will be the very least of the implications.
From the tone of H.E. President Muhammadu Buhari’s most recent broadcast, I’m not sure Nigeria will in two weeks – the extended lockdown period – come out after the expiration of the additional two weeks to make bold claims in content and context as the Chinese.
So, what should be Nigeria’s endgame scenario regarding the C-19 scourge?
Simple, Nationwide Testing of all Nigerians: hence Rapid Test kits and Infrared Thermometers. 
I don’t mean C-19 vaccine. I mean actual testing of all Nigerians to determine those infected with the C-19 virus and those who are not.
Testing every Nigerian in record time will give Nigeria a C-19 clean bill of health and also, the opportunity for those infected to be identified for proper treatment. These two outcomes are invaluable to say the least.
There are C-19 test kits in use, that are in every way more cutting edge and user friendly than the current method of dehumanizing swap testing regrettably still in use.
You won’t scour the internet for too long to see evidence and demonstration videos for these rapid test kits and even local vendors.
Mr. President, when we “march up to the cannons mouth” and begin nationwide testing of all Nigerians in every Local Government Ward, to determine the actual number of those infected; we would assuage the stigma associated with being infected with the C-19 virus, and in less than 5 weeks achieve the following:

  1. know the exact number of those infected.
  2. Send all of the infected individuals to the current empty isolation centers and I hope and pray, that these isolation centers remain empty even after the nationwide C-19 testing exercise.
  3. Lift the ban on our current lockdown situation but continue strict adherence to social distancing in public places and all other hygienic measures to forestall any eventualities. This is where Infrared Thermometers become necessary. Every public space with inevitable traffic corridors should utilize infrared thermometers at the entrance and exits of these traffic corridors.
  4. A minimum of three C-19 Test centers in every Local Government Ward across Nigeria can immediately double as palliative points for the many Nigerians who will need these palliatives for the duration of the nationwide C-19 test exercise. Nigeria has just a little over 40 million Nigerians with Bank Verification Numbers (BVN). These test centers will without doubt, serve as dependable palliative points for all Nigerians _ especially those without bank accounts.
  5. Every Nigerian who’s been tested negative will be allotted a unique C-19 negative number that any law enforcement official can verify in 9 seconds using their mobile phone or yours. Setup for this unique C-19 negative number is programmable in 72hours and will sync with all the mobile telecommunications companies in Nigeria.
  6. Most importantly, Nigeria will be among the limelight nations to defeat this scourge and begin the all important journey toward rebuilding our nation in line with inevitable new realities that unquestionably will challenge a post C-19 world – fossil fuel failed a long while back, it only now became glaringly evident.
  7. When the government of the day, can achieve nationwide C-19 testing, the National Population Commission and National Bureau of Statistics can approximately determine the population of Nigeria _ post the C-19 testing exercise. This in every regard is a humongous plus, not a minus.
    The C-19 PTF, NCDC, Ministry of Health and every State Governor in Nigeria has got their work cut out for them: and it’s simply to “Keep Nigerians alive” by ensuring in record time, that Nigeria is delisted from the list of countries ravaged by the C-19 scourge.
    As regarding what exactly we must do to end the C-19 scourge in Nigeria, by now, your guess is as good as mine.

Mr. President, i say without prevaricating, “that GOD chose you especially for this time.” How do I know? You’re currently the incumbent President of Nigeria. And what you must do to end the C-19 scourge and position Nigeria as a limelight society hereafter, was known to GOD before time began.
Look within you Mr. President, and let’s wipe this debilitating scourge from within our shores.
May GOD give you the requisite wisdom Mr. President, and may GOD Bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the world at large.
To you reading this, my Name is Owen Might, and like you, the colour of my blood is Red.

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