IGBO Town Discovered In Virginia USA – See Photos

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In Nigeria, the Southeast areas are mostly called the Igbo land, and they are Segmented into States and villages which include the Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, and some parts of Delta region. The Igbo Tribe is one of the major and most populated tribe in Nigeria. There are about 40 million Igbos across the globe. Surprisingly due to the versed number of Igbo’s in the globe which are well-known for their Business ideas, they have dominated a small part of the USA, which is called Igbo-land located in Virginia.

Here is a beautiful-looking Igbo village located in Virginia (USA). The Washington DC chapter of Anambra State association USA created the Village to preserve the Igbo heritage. Its walls are built with mud, interiors are finished with clay plaster, rooms are adorned with clay pots, thatch mats and other artifacts – all imported from Nigeria.

The goal: Create a life size replica of an Igbo village as it existed two centuries ago.

Tourists take the opportunity to explore the attractions in and near the Igbo Village.

Here are photos of the Igbo village in Staunton Virginia USA;

Does this prove the popular saying that Igbos dominate every part of the world?

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Source : Scooper- strange but true


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