Nig Immigration Service Clamps Down Heavily On Illegal Migrants

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By Winnifred Ehimhen

Comptroller Nigeria Immigration Service Benue state command Dr Amajuoyi Amareze has promised to make the state uninhabitable for illegal migrants, foreigners with incomplete papers and those with criminal tendencies. This is to ensure that the state is safe for habitation.

The comptroller stated this wednesday while parading Six Egyptians whom they arrested for having over stayed their welcome in the country. According to him they foreigners were trapped in the country due to the ban on international flight following the emergence of covid 19 pandemic.

On lifting the ban, the said foreigners refused to leave the state and resulted to taking refuge in the hinterlands to avoid detection while carrying out there businesses. On getting information about their hideout, the men of nigeria immigration service swiftly went into action and got the forigners arrested he said.

Initially they profiled 19 foreigners before they went into hiding however only 6 were arrested as the other 13 were said to be taking refuge in neighbouring Nasarawa and Plateau state which is not my jurisdiction. The 6 have been profiled ready for transport to service head quarters Abuja for necesary action and further repatriation he adds.

On the break through recorded since assuming office three months ago, Dr Amareze noted that they have been able to intercept a number of trafficking operations and had the trafficked children united with their parents.

Regarding child trafficking which has become a huge business in the state. the comptroller appealled to parents not to be tempted by the gains they might envisage while granting permission for their children to be trafficked. Trafficking is a crime and should be shuned.Comptroller Amareze said.

He equally called on transport owners to be on the look out for children who travel without an accompanied guardian, they child might be a victim of child trafficking. said he.

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