Healthcare and Social Care Jobs without a University Degree

These are some of the Healthcare jobs without University Degree, although there are several career paths you can choose in the Health care Sector. The below listed Career are the simple and degree free path you choose. Whether you are looking for a certain salary level, flexibility or other benefits, these jobs can fit with your goals and lifestyle.


Nurse is one of the most common hospital positions that do not require a degree. Instead than paying for education, you can now become a nurse by doing an apprenticeship. You’ll gain the skills and information needed to become a fully trained nurse during your apprenticeship.

During the program, you will study and work towards a degree, but instead of paying tuition fees, you will be paid to study and work.


Phlebotomists collect blood samples from patients to aid in the diagnosis of disease. They collect blood into a tube with a hypodermic needle and then apply a bandage to the patient. After that, phlebotomists meticulously label and store samples before delivering them to the lab and recording any pertinent information. It’s also one of the few hospital occupations that doesn’t require a degree.


Paramedics have an exciting and gratifying job, but it is also a difficult one. Patients who are sick or injured receive immediate assistance from paramedics. They provide life-saving medical assistance to victims while they are being transported to the hospital. There are a few additional possibilities available to you if you don’t want to pay for university to become a paramedic.


Pharmacy technicians are responsible for a variety of responsibilities. They select the appropriate medications for a prescription, weigh liquids and count tablets according to the doctor’s instructions, and measure out ingredients and assemble medicines.

Apprenticeships are available to pursue this vocation. Working directly with the pharmacist, you’ll gain experience and learn from more experienced colleagues.


Another career in the medical sector that you may accomplish without a degree is that of a rehab worker. Following an illness or an accident, rehab workers assist people in becoming more self-sufficient. Adults with learning disabilities, persons with sight or hearing loss, people with mental health problems, and people with drug abuse concerns are all supported by rehab workers. Excellent communication skills, as well as a sensitive and sympathetic mindset, are required of rehab personnel.

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