Patience Ozokwo: It’s hard raising children with manners

VETERAN actress, Patience Ozokwo has shared the hardest and sweetest moments about being a mother in a recent chat.

The former teacher, award-winning actress, grandmother and mother of five revealed this during a recent conversation on Twitter.

Narrating her experience as a successful mother, she said, “The hardest thing I know is having to raise these children and pray for them to grow up and become what you want them to be so that they won’t be a headache to you.”

Continuing, Ozokwo said, “You won’t understand what I am saying about children being a headache to their parents, I mean misbehaving outside, bringing you to a police station, going to court for something you never knew about. If you make them humble they will give you what you want even at old age.”

The prominent actress further narrated how she had to raise the children and the joy of seeing them turn out good and having grandchildren.

“ Having to raise these children to respect elders because it is reciprocal so that they too will be respected and now you can scold them when they are small and now that they are growing they have to scold others coming behind them and then the sweetest thing is having finished raising them and like I am sitting now enjoying them and they’re giving back to me that’s the most beautiful part when you hear your grandchildren, you hear your children, they send you things, they ask questions, you do video call and everybody is seeing everybody and then your babies are sending you voice message that’s the level where I am now, it makes me excited. Whether they give me or not the fact that they are alive and doing well is making me happy” she said.

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