Top Disasters that befall Will Smith after the Will Smith-Chris rock slapping incident

In the article, we will be stating some of the calamities that befall Will Smith after the Will Smith-Chris rock slapping incident.

Recall that during the 94th Academy Awards live television broadcast, actor Will Smith walked onstage and slapped comedian Chris Rock across the face as he was about to present the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Rock had previously mentioned Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, with a joke about her shaved head; Pinkett Smith began shaving her head in 2021 due to alopecia areata. After returning to his seat, Smith yelled profane interjections at the comedian.

Rock made a brief comment about the incident before continuing with the ceremony. Later that evening, Smith was named Best Actor.

Smith apologized to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences but not to Rock in his acceptance speech. Smith apologized to Rock and the Academy the next day on Instagram and Facebook.

The incident shocked audience members and television viewers, with some beginning to wonder if it was staged. Due to federal censorship rules, most of the audio of the confrontation was muted by ABC in the United States, but uncensored video footage from international broadcasters was posted online and quickly went viral, accumulating tens of millions of views across multiple platforms.

The incident triggered a great deal of commentary, discussion, and debate.

Here are the some of the disaster that befall Will Smith after the incident:

  1. TEN YEARS of the Oscars Ceremony was vetoed.
  2. His biographical film was cancelled.
  3. Bad Boys 4 was cancelled.
  4. The Fast & Loose movie he was shooting for Netflix has been cancelled.
  5. The movie I AM LEGEND 2 no longer wants it and they offered Michael B their role.
  6. He was expelled from the Academy of Sciences and Cinematic Arts (He didn’t resign, he was fired).
  7. His wife didn’t back him up, in an interview for AMERICAN WEEKLY he declared that she didn’t ask to be saved and called him “EXAGERATED”.
  8. His wife’s boyfriend is going to take out a book charging a fortune to sell his story.
  9. Chris Rock’s brothers are looking for him; they publicly said “We’re going to tear you apart.”
  10. No producer wants to work with him on any kind of project.
  11. Their dramatic series BELL AIR reboot of Bell Air Prince is being smashed by criticism.

At this moment Will Smith is in rehab to control his depression and temper tantrums of anger.

We prayed things get better for him soon. Maybe it was a Co-incident.


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