Gospel Singer Yadah Biography, Profile and Age

Gospel Singer Yadah Biography , Profile, Age and Latest Songs

Yadah was born on January 5, 1996, as Agaga praise Kukeurim (age 25 years). She is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and fashion designer from the Obanliku local government of Cross River State. She spent the majority of her life in Abuja, Nigeria, where she attended primary and high school.

Yadah has a first-year degree in Economics Education from Nasarawa State University and has long been regarded as a woman who is passionate about music, fashion, and entrepreneurship.


She currently resides in Abuja, Nigeria, from which she broadcasts her obvious grandeur wrapped in lush melodies to the rest of the world.

Yadah is a fantastic, experienced, and enthusiastic songwriter. She takes delight in being known as the “voice of JESUS to the nations,” and she is always willing to sing of God’s love and the cross.

She debuted her first single ‘goodie goodie’ in 2017 under the direction of SonsHub media, which was followed by other amazing songs such as ‘you fell for me,’ ‘I’m confident,’ and so on.
In 2018, she released an EP titled ‘the blood covenant,’ which received widespread acclaim.

Yadah Biography and Life philosophy

Yadah has faith in dreams. She believes that if you are ready to study and put in the effort, you can become anything you want.

‘I believe in the one and only true God,’ Yadah says.
I believe that he sent his son, who came in the form of a man, to pay for our sins, and that through his death on the cross, we have sin remission and forgiveness. Whoever believes in the son has eternal life and a hope for the future grandeur and manifestation of sons, in my opinion. I believe in Christ’s cross and everything it represents to a Christian!!!

Yadah has a strong desire to spread the gospel. Her hope is that one day we shall all be together in our beliefs. That one day all of the planet will be flooded with Jesus’ knowledge, and that all will repent and be rescued. That the eyes of our understanding be opened so that we can see what the true gospel is. It is her desire that men’s gazes be so fixed on the cross that all else disappears.

Yadah is motivated by the loss of a loved one. By the unconverted. Those who haven’t heard the gospel. As she will put it, “people will hear and come to know the truth.” Also, be saved!!!

With so much clearly under her sleeve, we can’t help but wonder if her musical journey is worth the attention she’s received thus far.

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