Easy Steps to Link Email Address to JAMB Portal 2022

In this article Panafric Reports bring you updates on how to Link Email Address to JAMB Portal 2022.

Here’s how to link your email address to your Jamb portal 2022 or profile account. This is to allow you to undertake certain tasks when the occasion arises.

Why is it necessary to link your email address to the JAMB Portal 2022? When you link your email address to your Jamb profile, you will receive a password that you will use to log in to the Jamb profile website, where you will be able to perform activities such as changing your course and institution, printing your JAMB original result, accepting or rejecting admission, and many more.

Previously, candidates registered in Jamb with their email address; however, some CBT centers are fond of registering candidates with any email address and, most of the time, do not disclose the candidate their email address, causing problems later when it comes time to utilize it.

This is why JAMB withdrew the option to register using an email address and instead only allowed candidates to register with phone numbers, with the option to later attach their email address to the jamb portal (profile).

There are two reasons why jamb made this development

1. CBT centers had a propensity of swiftly generating email accounts for JAMB UTME applicants who did not have an email address at the time of registration. This caused a problem because numerous candidates forgot their login information for these emails, resulting in a loss of access to their JAMB profiles. You do not need an email address to register using this new technique. Candidates can go home and create their own email address, which they can then link to JAMB.

2. To deter fraudsters from using candidates’ login information to conduct fraudulent operations.

You must connect your email to JAMB in order to obtain a password to access your JAMB profile.

How to link email to JAMB without SMS

You can also link your email address to jamb without SMS, simply follow the process below

  • Go to the JAMB official website via https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/
  • Click “Create e-Facility Account/Login”
  • Proceed to “Create an Account”
  • Input your details in the fields provided
  • Ensure you use the same phone number during registration

After successful registration, note down your password and log in at any time.

How to get my JAMB email and password

You can get your jamb email and password by following the steps below

  1. To reset your JAMB password via SMS.
  2. You need to send a “PASSWORD space email” to 55019 using the phone number you used to register for JAMB. e.g Password uchechiokeke@gmail.com.
  3. After that, you will receive a message with your new password.

Deadline to Link Email Address to JAMB Portal

Kindly note that there is no deadline to link your email address to JAMB. The option is always available anytime.

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