Save Lagos Group condemns LASEPA over attacks on Law abiding Lagosian

Lagos Group condemns LASEPA over attacks on Law abiding Lagosian

Lagos: Save Lagos Group condemns LASEPA over attacks on Law abiding Lagosian

…..Drags officials before authority over illegal duty

…..As the Group set to Picket Alhausa Secretariat for Seven(7) days if…

A civil rights organization, the Save Lagos Group(SLG) has strongly condemned the officials attached to the Lagos State Environment Protection Agency(LASEPA) over violent looting, physical attacks and attempted homicide, against the law abiding Lagosians by destroying their property illegally.

It disclosed that many innocent citizens of the State had become the victims of several attacks of the men of LASEPA, alleging that men of the Environment Protection Agency had become the tools in the hand of some unscrupulous elements in the society to settle the personal scores.

It alleged that the said officials of LASEPA claimed that Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu gave them directive to be destroying the innocent people shops and kiosks illegally in Agege area of the State.

Lagos Group condemns LASEPA over attacks on Law abiding Lagosian

But investigation revealed that on Thursday morning of 5th day of May, 2022, the violent attackers attacked and destroyed a kiosk belongings to one Mr. Festus Daramola(+2347064821945/+2348165477541) of No.4, Odutola street, Oko-Oba area of Agege, Lagos and carted away some valuable materials of the victim including some money by the officials of LASEPA, as thugs and hoodlums were employed to carry out nefarious activity on the directive of one *Serah Amosun (+2348132373059/+2349045243432/2348171055564),an official of the State Ministry of Environment, Alahusa Ikeja.

It was a syndicate, Alhaja Remitokan Abass Remitokan with phone number:-(+234 8069021132) of No.4B, Odutola street, Emmanuel Bus-Stop, Oko-Oba area of Agege, who is a friend to Serah Amosun, has been at loggerhead with a Seventy-Nine(79)year old, Alhaji Olaonipekun:-+2348063198919, who is Landlord to Festus Daramola and now using her friend in crime (Serah Amosun) to victimize Daramola on the space given to him by his Landlord(Alhaji Olanipekun:-+2348063198919).

Alhaja Abass Remitokan with phone number:- (+2348069021132)has been using Serah Amosun since all this while to attack several people through LASEPA, thugs, area Boys, hoodlums and so called lawless Task-Force in the area, where they have been collecting bribe from the people who were their victims of the dastard act, adding that the issue that degenerated to crisis between Daramola’s landlord and Alhaja Abass, was that
Abass wanted to sell the house of Alhaji Olaonipekun without his knowledge by earlier using Mrs. Amosun of the State Ministry of Environment to use an official of LASEPA with phone number:- (+2349045243432) under the Agege Zonal office.

It would be recalled that Agege Zonal office of LASEPA had earlier issued an invitation letter dated 25th of February,2022 to Festus Daramola over the erection of kiosk at Alhaji Olaonipekun’s House to come to their office on 28th of February, 2022 but when Daramola tendered his side of the story on the kiosk, the Agege Zonal office of LASEPA saw that Daramola did not violate any environmental law and they went back to remove all their Notices pasted on the kiosk.

But, Alhaja Abass, the syndicate, was not satisfied with the outcome of LASEPA Agege Zonal office on the Kiosk and she was hellbent to sell the house of Seventy-Nine(79) year old Alhaji Olaonipekun:-+2348063198919, by telling her friend, Mrs. Amosun of the Lagos State Ministry of Environment to contact the State Headquarters office of LASEPA at Alahusa Secretariat where they issued another illegal letter dated 7th Day of April, 2022 on behalf its General Manager, to summon Mr. Festus Daramola to appear in their office on 14th Day of April, 2022, over the kiosk again.

It was further alleged that Mrs. Serah Amosun in conniving with the syndicate,Alhaja Abass has been planning to sell the house of Alhaji Olaonipekun:-+2348063198919 through fraudulent means by writing forsale on the wall of said house without the knowledge of the landlord of the house and looking for means to frustrate Festus Daramola from the present place he put his kiosk because Daramola has been blocking them to carry out their nefarious and evil action of selling the old man’s house.

According to the SLG’s Petition Letter dated 11th Day of April, 2022 and signed by its Convener, Comrade Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman and forwarded to the State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, the State Commissioner for Environment and other concerned authorities, calling for their immediate intervention on the subject matter.

Speaking further on the development on Thursday, Comrade Sulaiman, stated that the Lagos State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, has approved the Petition, to be investigated by the official of the Ministry, Barrister Emmanuel Oladipupo Bada(+2349057812283), calling to inform the leadership of the group (SLG) on the Commissioner directive on Thursday 28th day of April, 2022 at around 11.23am through his phone number.

The rights activist maintained that the group would put all the machineries in place to picket the Allahusa Secretariat Complex for good seven(7) days over violation of fundamental rights of the citizens of the area and also warned the ruling political party not to come and campaign in Agege Zone of the State, adding that the people of the area were angry with the State Government over their officials illegal action and inaction to the people of the area.

Recalling that the same officials of LASEPA allegedly conniving with an acclaimed cleric of CAC, Mr. David Alabi with one dishonourable Wole Oshodi by planning to sell the residential building of Seventy-Five(75)year old widow, Alhaja Ayisatu Alaseela of N0.8, Bakare Opesha Street, Papa Ashafa area of Dopemu, Lagos State illegally, until the intervention of the Lagos State based civil rights group (SLG).

The issue nearly precipitating religious crisis in the community before the issue became subject of litigation in the Magistrate Court of Ogba Magistrate District in a suit N0.SC/69/2021, where Alabi and Oshodi were running helter skelter for saviours on the subject matter.


(Revolutionary Alfa), the Convener, Save Lagos Group(SLG),
+234 8038591504 /+234 8022697573

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