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President Joe Biden of the United States has appointed Sam Briton to lead the energy, fuel, and waste management departments. Here’s the Biography of Sam Brinton.

Biography of Sam Brinton

???According to a biography on Brinton from the LGBTQ Religious Archives Network (LGBTQ-RAN), he holds a dual Master’s degree from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in engineering systems,and nuclear science and engineering, AND is the founder of “Core Solutions Consulting”, that provides technical expertise on topics ranging from nuclear waste management to advanced nuclear reactor innovation and nuclear non-proliferation policy to advanced nuclear companies,” and has advised Congress on related issues.

In 2011, he created the Stand With Science campaign, which united 1Instagram, students and allies from across the country to advocate for federal science and engineering research funding.

He is also a director of global political strategy for Deep Isolation, the American nuclear waste disposal company.

Nuclear waste disposal is a $500 billion worldwide market and Deep Isolation is boasting on being the first private company to offer a solution to dispose of nuclear waste in safe, permanent deep geologic repositories.

“Graduate from Kansas State University with a BS in mechanical and nuclear engineering and a BA in vocal music performance and a minor in Chinese language.


Educational research interests were concentrated on nuclear fuel cycle system analysis with subtopics of interest including economics and nuclear waste storage and disposal analysis.

Internships at Harvard Kennedy School, Argonne National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory, and Dow Chemical Company in various projects relating to nuclear engineering and systems analysis.”

Brinton has also appeared in Time magazine, PBS NewsHour, The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and MSNBC.

Brinton has been a strong opposer to conversion therapy as he was a, “survivor of a traumatic and torturous conversion therapy experience”, that was implemented by his strict Southern Baptist parents.

Including electric shock therapy.

He also was in the LGBT liaison in the Obama administration.

This is proof we should not judge a book by its cover.

What a amazing wonderful young man!
Thank you Joe Biden! ??

Congratulations Sam Brinton!

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