Kurt Zouma Animal Abuse Video Leaked & went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube!

Kurt Zouma Animal Abuse Video Leaked & went Viral On Twitter

Kurt Zouma, a West Ham United footballer, has recently been under fire after a video that went viral on the internet showing him slapping and kicking his cat.

He received a lot of anger after the video went viral on February 7th of this year. Animal conservation organizations have gone viral in their criticism of him, and they have staged a demonstration against the athlete. On March 16th, the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) launched an investigation into the issue, and he was later charged.

Kurt Zouma Animal Abuse Video

And he will face some serious punishment. the younger brother also admitted the offense in front of the officials and many security guards accompanied him during the rain. It was a 40 seconds video and it has already received millions of views. His behavior is seriously intolerable and is not setting a good example for the younger generation. The mammal also had some soft tissue damage and it was taken to the veterinary. The footballer is currently 27 years old and he was born on 27 October 1994.

Kurt Zouma Animal Abuse Video Leaked & went Viral On Twitter

Kurt Zouma Cat Video

He didn’t care about the little animal because the film was awful to him. You can face serious consequences, yet he was still playing for the team, and the organization made no mention of it.

He eventually apologized on all of his social media platforms and expressed his embarrassment. He was allegedly under the influence of alcohol, according to some witnesses. The 27-year-old athlete pleaded guilty to two charges, and his sentencing was postponed until June 1. He appeared to be terrified and apprehensive.

He began his career at Saint Etienne, then moved to Chelsea for seven years before joining Western United last year.

Also a member of the French national team, where he has appeared in 11 games. The Brigitte Bardot Foundation, a French animal welfare organization, filed a complaint against him, and several sporting presenters were also appalled by his behavior.

Kurt Zouma Animal Abuse Video Leaked

The French football organization has previously been embroiled in numerous issues, and this tendency is not changing, which is detrimental to the French football organization. Take, for example, the recent cases of Zinedine Zidane and Karim Benzema.

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